Create a comfortable reading nook with these 10 seating ideas!

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Whether it is a corner of your living room, the window-side seat of your private study, a
small part of the attic room, a garden seat or a mini lounging area in the family room, a cozy
reading nook is an added advantage and a guilty pleasure that no bookworm can deny
fancying. As modern housing & ever increasing space crunch mandate smaller
home spaces and rooms with integrated functional areas, room decorators &
design experts find it a challenging task to incorporate spaces like a reading
nook into the interiors.

This homify
article offers you 10 wonderful seating ideas to create a comfy reading nook at
your home, irrespective of the style of design and the dimensions of your home.
All it takes is some cushy furnishings and a
tad of your own creativity to add another functional aspect of absolute comfort. Join us
as we walk through these 10 fantastic seating ideas that not only ring in oodles
of comfort & personality to the room they bedeck but also add plentifully
to the joy of reading. Take a closer look and pick your favorites!

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