Chic elegance of neutral colors for the living room: 10 amazing examples

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modern Living room by Spazio 14 10 di Stella Passerini

Colors are among the fundamental aspects of furnishing & decoration of the house. Time & again, design experts and room decorators
have emphasized on the fact that the right selection of colors can go a long
way in lending the desired look to the home spaces. The color palette can ring
in a soft & romantic feel, impart a soothing allure, give a
contemporary urbane flair or make the spaces look garish & unsightly as
well. This applies to all the interior spaces, be it the private rooms like the
bedroom & family room or the communal areas like the living room.

The living room is one such space where we receive &
entertain guests and it is this room that plays a key role in forming the first
impression about our dwelling in their minds. How we bedeck the living room is
quite important in that it gives a glimpse of our taste & also reflects our
personality. It follows that the colors adorning the living room must be
selected carefully so that the room has an engaging visual harmony.

Today’s homify article walks you through 10 beautiful
examples wherein neutral colors have been tastefully employed to work their
charm & enhance the visual appeal of the living room. Featuring shades of
white, cream, beige, gray and brown, these examples prove that you can beautify
your home even without elaborate decor or very bright colors. These sober tones
blend refinement with simplicity, adapting exquisitely to different styles of
interior design- from the most modern to the most rustic. Sounds exciting? Have
a closer look!

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