7 pictures that will make you want to book a trip!

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Arbor and Concrete Pavers:   by FineLines Design Studio

Home might be where the heart is, but when it comes to taking a trip away to relax and recuperate, it’s never a bad idea to drink in some inspiration from around the world, which is what we have on offer for you today. 

We’ve found a host of amazing properties, sumptuous gardens and even a breathtaking bathroom to show you today, each of which will have you daydreaming about leaving the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind for a few days, so we have to tip our caps to the architects and interior designers that curated each of these spaces. 

Whether you’re in the mood or a few days of lounging around by a pool or have a desire to get back to nature, come and take a look at some homes that will have you booking some time off work and packing your suitcase!

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