Say si si to Spanish style homes: 6 key features

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mediterranean Houses by 有限会社タクト設計事務所

While traditionally Mediterranean homes aren’t yet the norm in the US, there has been a serious increase in the popularity of Spanish colonial revival properties or even simple and contemporary buildings that just seek to showcase some key Spanish colonial architecture features, as a fun little contrast. Of course, there are a lot of private clients seeking out professional interior designers, in a bid to create a charmingly Spanish interior look,  but extending the aesthetic to the exterior is still less commonplace. This raises the question, which motifs are really synonymous with a Spanish style residential building?

We’ve put this guide together to highlight the most recognizable architectural elements of Spanish style homes and while they are all beautiful in their own right, when combined together, they create striking, special and utterly beautiful houses that are impossible to ignore. The best part is that they would look perfect in any country, so there’s absolutely no limits, geographical or otherwise.

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